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Cloud computing is one of the most important thing happening in MSP’s. Traditionally, users rely on applications that run directly or locally on the hardware, Compute/Storage/Networking, of their organization running in some On-Premises Data Center. This type of infrastructure is one in use all over the world today. Cloud computing […]

Cloud Computing

In addition to Google Apps, we are now offering Microsoft Office 365 to our customers in Brisbane. Like Google Apps, it is a subscription-based Microsoft Office software. Microsoft Office 365 is a great offering for businesses that operates in a Microsoft Exchange environment and wants to transition to this service. […]

Microsoft Office 365

A caching server will greatly improve the internet performance of business networks where many users visit similar web pages. With the release of pfSense version 2.1 comes a squid package with reporting and web filtering. We have been testing our own prototype build and there is a big internet performance […]

High Performance with pfSense Caching Server